What Is Don’t Stop Living?

Don’t Stop Living is an ongoing report of one man’s adventures on this round ball we find ourselves on. Don’t Stop Living began in 2007 when this travelling Northern Irish man headed round the world during a break from work.

In those five years I’ve been to all seven continents and have written over 1,000 blog or online articles. I also write for a football magazine and have written for a number of magazines in the past.

Although this blog began life in August 2007, it will be updated dramatically over the next few months. I aim to provide an incredible insight to the life of a traveller who tends to favour living, travelling and working in less than obvious places.

Some of the recent places I have lived include Hong Kong’s Lam Tin suburb and Poatina in the wilderness of Tasmania. My recent travel exploits have taken me to Neko Harbour in Antarctica, Asuncion in Paraguay and Ezulwini in Swaziland.

I look forward to sharing more stories with you all and am approachable via e-mail for travel tips!

It’s a pleasure to be here, so don’t stop living!

Jonny Blair

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